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Ying Yang Otters.  This will need to be shipped in two parts, and you will need to get a new base stand since that is too big to ship, pick up can be arranged near St. Paul). 
I'm giving some serious consideration of going into some (more) debut in order to go on a volunteer trip to the coast of India to save turtles.  

Basically I'm having a mid-life crisis and I'm sick to death of being in Minnesota. 
One last thought I had on the recent Doctor Who Christmas Special.

So...did the Doctor like...uh....never wear clothing again?  He went down to the planet in his hologram outfit and then several hundred years later he was still in the same outfit. He never went back into the TARDIS before he sent Clara away in it, so unless he tailored himself some new clothes that look exactly like his hologram then clearly he was still 'wearing' it.  Here's to hoping that he remembered to project that clothing image on all the town's peoples minds...not to mention the minds of every subsequent generation.

"Mummy who's that strange man?"

"That's just the Doctor."

"Why...uh...why is he naked?"

"No one knows, no one dares ask."

"He scares me."

"He scares us all."

New short story, The Doctor's New Clothes:…
Spoliers for Doctor Who Christmas.

Sorry.  Gotta say it.  Did not like the final episode of Matt Smith's Doctor.  It was bad in so many ways.  It didn't feel like Smith wanted to be there, it didn't feel like Moffat put any effort into the story, there were a whole bunch of new characters that the Doctor seemed to know like dear old friends (even lovers in the case of the main chick who's name I've already forgotten), and yet since I knew nothing about any of them I had no interest in their fates.

Also seemed like all the Doctor needed to do to save that damn town was to take the twenty people (only one of which had a name) who seemed to live there and transplant them to a new world...problem solved and it didn't take six hundred years of war that ended in countless deaths (maybe, again hard to tell what became of any of the dozen people who live in 'Christmas'). 

Also at one point it really seemed like that main chick (again...she left so little of an impact on me that I can't recall her name) was going to be some form of River Song (which would have been cool).  She knew how to fly the TARDIS, she had some sort of romantic involvement with the Doctor (I guess), and he mentioned that she had been fighting the psychopath inside her all her life (just as River had to fight the psychopath inside herself to join the Doctor's side).  But then she just...I don't know, I guess she died, she was a Dalek then she wasn't, then her character was never heard from again...  Whatever don't care cause they couldn't even develop her to a point where I could remember he name ten seconds after watching the episode. 

All in all I felt like I needed eye protection from all the loose ends that were haphazardly coming together.  Then they allowed for a serious paradox by just...well...not having the Doctor die on Trenzalor which means that Clara could never have enter his time tunnel, meaning she would never be the Impossible Girl, so why would he have ever paid attention to her in the first place?  Also HOW DID SHE AND THE DOCTOR GET OUT OF THE TIME TUNNEL?!!  They *never* touched on that.  They were trapped in his past lives in the end of season seven and then *poof* she was was a teacher in the 50th special.  HOW?!!!   EXPLAIN!!!!   EX-PLA-IN!!!  EX-PLA-IN!

Sorry, turned into a bit of a Dalek there.

Did it have some funny lines: Yes.  Did it have the creativity and energy that I come to expect from Doctor Who: no, not in the slightest. 

That being said I am still excited about Peter taking on the role! And I am excited that Matt Smith has won his freedom and look forward to seeing where his career take him. 
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Tonight I shall be partaking in another b-movie!  It's entitled 'Womb'...which is unsettling to begin with.  Staring Matt Smith and Eva Green.  "A woman's consuming love forces her to bear the clone of her dead beloved. From his infancy to manhood, she faces the unavoidable complexities of her controversial decision." 

Wish me luck!
Some pics from the Christmas special have been released.  If you're wondering why his hair doesn't seem quite's cause it's not real.  He'd already shaved it for a different role and so they had to try and recreate it with a wig.  It's going to annoy me through the whole Christmas special.

I remember watching Dexter once thinking: 'there is something wrong with his hair...looks kinda like an ungroomed cat', later learned that was also a wig due to his cancer treatments.  Of course in that case I felt bad for poking fun at it, but I didn't know any better, I swear!

Here's a pic of Smith with his new 'rug'.…
Sort of.  Go to YouTube and waste two minutes of your life laughing your arse off:…

Be sure to watch after the first set of credits for the bit at the end (my fav part).
My new web cam (little wigget on the bottom of my profile page) has a sneek peek scene from the new 50th coming out.  I have to agree with 10 on this one.  Although I liked the first rebuild of the TARDIS desktop, I don't like this latest one. 
Work has informed me that tomorrow for Halloween the therapy department has chosen the theme of 'Super Heroes'. 

So...I need a super hero costume idea that does not involve any form of spandex or 'short shorts'. 

I don't know who's idea it was to put me and my coworkers in skin tight clothing....but it can only end in tears.  Tears I tell you. 

I have a 38 G bra size and I work with little old Jewish men...I can not be putting those puppies on display, there will be consequences.  CONSEQUENCES!!! me. 
Having a sale on some wet tans, please note these are not good for soft mount, the tan will dry stiff, these are for traditional mounting.

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I offer shipping to the Lower 48 in the USA.  Shipping is included in these prices.

Proven breeder female mojave 66% het pied, had last season off, season before laid 5 eggs (bad odds though, four normals and one mojave, she was bred to just a het pied so she still has the chance of having the gene).  700$ shipped.

Deep red anaconda hognose male, will be ready to breed this up coming season. 650$ shipped.

If you are interested I will send pics.  Paypal accepted.
Trying to sell something on CL, got this email today.  I did not respond I assume it's some form of scam, but it's a really odd one.  

"Hope its in excellent condition as you discribed it ..I am a Christian mother of 5 year old twins and i dont want anyone to play games with me...get back to me with the last price for at (person's email)."

I think what they are trying to do is get me to respond using that email address rather than the CL reply since when I use the CL reply they don't get a hold of my email address it comes up as anomymous.  But it seems like a lot of work to get an they probably would have done better by not being rude.  

I'm selling a bronze deer sculpture...I don't care what your religon is or how many kids you have...

Also, your English not so good. (joke)
So I wanted to have my coyote pup carcass put in the bugs for a skeleton.  Meaning I had to cut off the meat and the insides.  Well...this was the third time it was defrosted so it was more than a little ripe inside.  Ugh.  But I did it.
In my epic battle with my hand versus a window I am going to claim a draw.  I have 7 stitches in my palm...but the window isn't looking so good either.

Looks like the ivory yote is the winner.  Here's a pic (warning...dead animal).…
I've got three coyote in the freezer, a red one, a black one, and an ivory one.  I've got a howling position form to put one of the three on.  Who should be my next project for this?  Comment below because I can no longer do polls. :giggle:
Just a shout out to let you guys know I'm selling my traditional mounted marble fox on ebay at the moment.  Just look up Arctic Marble Fox Taxidermy.
...with that dog. 

My German Shepherd mutt has a new hobby: eating bees.  I'm not kidding.  She lies in wait by the hosta plant flowers and waits for them to fly into the flower and then *MUNCH* she snaps down on flower and bee whole.  Then she makes this bizarre face while she chews up the poor bee while I'm sure it's stinging her for its life. 
I found a new gif for my web cam (it's on my homepage) that is an amazingly good description of what it's like inside my head on my new medications...continuous loop and all. :giggle:

It's a cat playing with a bit of string, I mean Matt Smith playing with a balloon (same principle, right?)