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I'm so excited!  I'm getting my shoulder fixed.  And by 'fixed' I mean I'm going to have the cherry blossom tattoo on my shoulder covered up.  It's not that I *hate* the cherry's just that it's nothing special and it doesn't match my forearm.  I got the tattoo on a whim when a friend of mine was getting one.  The artist did such an amazing job on her dragon, but by the time he got to doing my shoulder he'd been tattooing for five hours straight and probably just wanted to go home. 

So I'm getting a Silver Fox that melts into a space nebula as a sleeve to cover over it. 

Check out her drawing of it so far!  

Phoenix-Cry Tattoo by DominoTwist
I have been making my life harder.  A long time ago I felt like a got better lines if I made a really big image with high dpi and then shrunk it down to 25% of the original size....I don't know why I did that...but I just tried a smaller image with a lower dpi with much better results.  Sigh.  I"ve been doing it wrong for 5 years.
What format do people save in?  I find that my art always looks better when being viewed in Photoshop.  Everything ends up washed out and a touch blurry when posted.  Particularly black, the black always looks washed out once I post to the web.  Anyone else come across this and have a solution?  I have tried png and jpg (from quality 6 to 12). 
So I ended up with a new computer.  That means it is time to upgrade from Photoshop 6 (yes, I was still using Photoshop 6).  I am tempted to just get the new Photoshop...but then I thought maybe there is something better out there. I'm so far out of date with Photoshop that I'd just have to learn it from new probably anyway. 

I don't need 500$ worth of software, but anything between free and 150$ works for me. 

Send me the reasons you like what you like and if you can send me a link to your work I would love to see it!
Well now that I'm healing up with surgery it is time to tackle my next body image issue and that's the tattoo on my shoulder.  It's...okay.  But now it really doesn't match my forearm. 

I've been looking for an artist for a while, and one found me!  The talented DominoTwist is also a taxidermy fan and happens to live near by.  So I'm having her design a cover up sleeve for me.

Go check her out!
Less than two weeks from my surgery and I'm already planing on heading back to work on Saturday.  I'm doing really well and getting very tired of being cooped up in my tiny house.  I had hoped to get a lot of writing done while I was out, but the mood has just not been there.  I've mostly slept this whole time which is probably why I healed so fast.  I've still got a ways to go, scar management, and getting the nerves back and in order, but all in all smooth sailing on calm waters.  This was not nearly as painful an experience as I  was expecting.  In fact I didn't have any true pain, just discomfort (a lot of that was mental). 

All in all I'm thrilled that I did it.  I have some funky looking scars now, but they are well worth the price. 
I made it through my surgery and I'm home now.  I'm sore, but not too much pain.  The worst part is the really tight binding making it hard to breath.

My balance is so off now!
Tomorrow is the big day!  I'm very excited.  As a medical field worker I kind of know what's going on and what to expect so I'm not nervous...yet.  I may never become nervous, I never did for my gallbladder so hopefully I'll be calm right up till they put me in pre op.  Once in pre op they will be giving me some pre drugs and I *know* I'll be having a good time then!  Heehee. 
Well the insurance company took one look at a photo of my chest and decided that if they didn't act now they'd be paying for my back surgery instead.  At least that's what I think they thought, since I had my consult with the plastic surgeon on my breast reduction on Tuesday and the insurance approval came through today.  I expected at least a week or two before getting an answer!

I really like my surgeon, she's very highly recommend and so is the hospital she's affiliated with.  A no nonsense kind of doctor who has good confidence and practice in the procedure.

It was kind of surreal to be 'picking out' my new body type as we discussed outcome options. 

I can't wait to get this off my chest.  Pun intended.

Surgery is set for mid-September! 
I'm selling my insane Black and Silver Coyote.

500$ plus shipping, shipping can be reduced if you don't want the log base (it is very heavy), you'd have make your own base, the mount has a steel rod that sticks out the planted foot.

 Dark Coyote by Phoenix-Cry

He will be going up on ebay tomorrow so grab him before any bids are placed.

Also selling my Bobcat.  This one will be shipped in two parts, cat and then base, you'll want the base on this since it is custom fit to it. 

800$ plus shipping.  Will also be on ebay tomorrow.

Calculating the Odds by Phoenix-Cry

More views of both in my gallery.  just search 'dark coyote' and then 'bobcat'.

PM me. 

Shipping on yote will be 50-75 for just the yote and 100-125 for yote and base.  Shipping on the cat will be 100-150 (it's a huge cat!)
Well took the first step today in something I should have done a looooong time ago.  Got an appointment to meet up with a plastic surgeon to do something about the fact that I'm a 36 I.  Yup...'I'.  My chest has gotten to the point where it is keeping me from being as active as I'd like to be. 

This is a pic from a few years ago when I was just an 'F'.  For whatever reason these puppies have never stopped growing.  I just don't allow pics anymore, I look like an anime figure.

Here is to hoping that my insurance company is going to help me out.  They have denied me in the past, but it has gotten a lot worse since the last time I tried to talk them into it.

Which one of these... by Phoenix-Cry
I have no real news for a journal.
If you are fan of really well done action/violence scenes you need to get to the theater right now and go see Kingsmen.  It has the most amazing fight scene I have *ever* seen!
I've dropped my prices over at etsy for all my Amber and Steampunk stuff.  I'm trying to raise some quick cash to get a dream pelt to turn into a taxidermy mount of extreme awesome.

Prices slashed!

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Someone over at FFnet asked me what my thoughts were on 12 and season 8.  So I thought I'd share them here as well.  Not so much because I think you care what I think, but mostly to share so that you'll share your thoughts with me as well.

If it is one thing I love about Doctor Who fans is is the fact that no two ever seem to agree on the same points.  We all have things we love about the show, we all have things we hate about the show.  Each person seems to be able to watch it with their own tinted glasses on and see a completely different world and I love that.  Love Rose, hate Rose.  Adore River, think she is the worst character ever.  Amy is the best companion.  Are you insane? No one will ever be better than Romana.  Bah!  Clara is the only OTC (One True Companion)!  Eleven is my Doctor!  No, Four will forever be *The* Doctor!  I still cry when I think of Ten crying...

The arguments rage on and yet we are still one collective.  So here are my thoughts on 12 (spoiler alert: I love him).

I love Peter, I really do. I think he's very funny and I've loved his work for a while now (go watch Fortysomething right now!  Not Thirtysome! that's something totally different.  Need more reason to see Fortysomething?  Six words: Huge Laurie and young Benedict Cumberbatch).  I think Peter is a great choice for the Doctor legacy. I know it's juvenile but I loved the grace with which he gave the finger to Robin Hood...that was really funny and gave us a taste of a gruffer Doctor (I still want to hear him swear, I know, I know, juvenile).

However (ironically enough) I do feel like Smith did a better job with showing the Doctor's age. Smith was so good at every once in a while just appearing so weary, and giving off the air of a truly ancient creature, but at the same time mood swinging right back into a child-like excitement. I really liked that about his portrayal. I'm going to give Peter (I'm on a first name basis with 12 because I'm too lazy to make sure I know how to spell his last name) a little more time to show off his character though before I get too quick judge. I did adore in this week's episode how he paused after the peasant woman he saved gave his cheek a kiss (I wish they had developed her character a bit more to make that moment a little more special). And I like that his character struggle is more a good vs bad man rather than young vs old the way Smith was.

I'm very interested in the new obsession he has with his chalk board calculations which I can only assume is him working on the Gallifrey problem. I want to see more of that and I'd love to see him getting frustrated over it and for it to be a real challenge and not just "Hey! I figured it out, let's have an episode where we go save Gallifrey". I would not mind if that was a plot line that they string along for a few seasons (although it will probably be the Christmas special).

I'm interested in Pink, but I wish they had picked a different episode to introduce him. The Dalek idea was brilliant and they didn't spend enough time on it because of Pink.

I need them to STOP with the 'space ship crashes, ship disguise itself as something else, mechanical systems attempt to fix it, fix is going to destroy something/kill someone' plot line. We've seen it way too many times fact we've seen it twice this season already! Others include: The Lodger, The Girl in the Fireplace, The Curse of the Black Spot, Closing Time, The Fires of Pompeii...those are just the ones off the top of my head that have that plot 'twist'.

I'm liking Clara more now that she and the Doctor are no longer casually flirting with one another. Her and 11 slowly getting cozy with one another annoyed me...he was a married man. Giggle. I don't expect the same loyalty to River from 12 since that was his last regenerations decision and not his (much like 11 had no real connection to Rose and I was okay with that. "What you do in your own regeneration is none of my business." to quote 11). I don't know why that should get him off the hook in my mind, but it does. Not that I wouldn't LOVE to see 12 and River interact, I think that could be priceless.

So all in all I am still enjoying the show. Does it have flaws? Yes. Has it always had flaws? You bet.
So I've been out of work for two months now.  The first month was by choice while I packed up my toys and moved out to New Hampshire (love it here!).  This second month has been sitting around waiting for the medical board in New Hampshire to give me my occupational therapy license (you need one in every state you practice).  Apparently some healthcare worker here did something very unethical in pursuit of his drug habit and was using needles on himself and then on patients giving over fifty people hepatitis.  Because of this there are now *severe* background checks done on anyone looking to work in the health field here.  I have needed to send in paperwork and criminal history reports from 11 different sources, which has left all sorts of room for things to go wrong.  So the process for getting this license has been a long one.

In the mean time I'm losing my social skills.  Language skills can't be far behind...
I'm stupid excited for Peter C. as the next Doctor.  I loved him in Forty-something with Huge Laurie and Benedict Cumberbatch and of course him being the Doctor makes Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon that much easier to play Brit style.  :giggle: 

Enough of this warm and fuzzy 'family' Doctor, it's time to get gritty! 

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Well getting my Whovian tattoo tomorrow!  Wish me luck I'm going to be putting a *lot* of trust in my artist.  He's going to be using a stencil for the circular Gallifreyan but then I'm doing 'water colour' splashes behind it that he is going to free hand. 

He's really good though so I'm not worried.

Here he is, Dan:…