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November 7, 2013
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The Caves of Gemina by Phoenix-Cry The Caves of Gemina by Phoenix-Cry
This is a scene from my fic Doctor Who: Civil War.  The Doctor's been acting a little strange and River's not so sure she likes it.  Right now they are in the caves of Gemina (twin planet to Gemino) which harbour a host of bio-luminescent mosses which easily rub off on the skin. 

In order to read this story you'll have to start with it's predecessor The Lemkin Factor:… The link takes you to my FFnet page. I've been thrilled by how well received both stories have been by the Whovians out there. Hugs to you all.

On a personal note, I'm insane proud of how this turned out.  I was trying out a few new techs and literally spent hours on the face work.  There are eight 'works in progress' in my gallery if you'd like to see the progression. 

If you're wondering how the glow is done that's just a 10% round brush with a host of colours, no layer tricks, no effect filters.

Thanks to :iconiquitecountingstock: for stock used for pose ref: iquitcountingstock.deviantart.…

Excerpt from the scene above:

River didn’t make it far before she was grabbed by the shoulder and flipped over.  This time the Doctor managed to ensnare her wrists and he pinned them above her head as he pressed his body weight against her to keep her down.  Panting for breath the pair were streaked and smeared in various colours of bioluminescent stains from fighting in the glowing world.  River’s heart was pounding painful against her chest as the Doctor leaned in and pressed his cheek against hers.

“I may have appeared to have been at your beckon call in the past,”  the Doctor growled darkly in her ear  “but do not mistake me for your *dog*, River, I am wolf drawn by the scent of your blood.  Consider yourself lucky that I enjoy strong women, but do not think for one second that you have the power to stop me from getting what I want.”

The Doctor propped himself up on his elbows so that he could look down on River.  He studied her for a moment with what looked like true admiration in his eyes.  Terrified River stared up at the Doctor.  As he looked down on her his eyes glittered with a golden sheen for a moment.  River’s blood turned to ice as she realized that something was far more wrong than the Doctor having traveled alone too long.

(this is clearly taken out of context but despite the somewhat sexual nature of the tone here there is no explicit sex scenes in any of my writings, just a friendly heads up since I know there are some really frightening works out there when it comes to that.  In fact here sex isn't what he's talking about wanting, it's more along the lines of power.)
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I've seen both these stories floating around FF, but never considered reading them. But with this mind-blowing visual, I just might have to!
Well I hope not to disappoint!

There are three of them now. ;)  Almost done with the trilogy and it's only taken a little more than a year. 
brailynne Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
=) Yay!! You digital artists blow my mind.
Thanks!  This was fun
i like  it
Thank you!  I had a lot of fun with it!
riveralexkingston111 Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
i like it a lot
Skye-Jones Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*takes brown bag, breathes in, breathes out*
*faints from awesomeness* :+fav:
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