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Eygpt Burning IV by Phoenix-Cry Eygpt Burning IV by Phoenix-Cry
Note: Kafele is and Egyptian name that means 'would die for'.

Egypt Burning IV

Ammut stared out the window at the gathering storm. Lightning began to flash in the distance. She looked down at the pile of Ka Crystals that the Jackals had collected for her. Despite her crocodile eyes the tears that suddenly spilt from them were real.

Rehema was currently collecting a soul that she knew was innocent. However, there could be no exceptions. Even this soul had done nothing to spare the man that Ammut had come to love and was forced to destroy.

Rehema entered Ammut’s new thrown room. She had her ears hanging low and her tail between her legs. Around her neck she wore a bright silver Ka Crystal. Ammut reached down and took it from her. Outside the storm broke, even the desert was weeping for loss of this Child.

“You didn’t let her suffer I hope.” Ammut said seriously.

“No.” Rehema replied. “Lady Isis accepted her fate and was killed clean.”

“She knows what I am doing. More than that she approves, and she knows that the world of After has a high place for her. She was not without sin, but she will pass the Test.”

Rehema said nothing. She stared at the floor between her paws, waiting for her orders.

“It’s time Jackal.”


“Anubis is the only Child of Egypt left.”

“I beg of you to spare him. For thousands of years he has lived in the Shadows, guiding those who deserve the Afterlife to it.”

“Dakrani deserved it, yet Anubis himself was blind to it.”

“He was blinded by Love.” Rehema insisted. “Shai’nefer put a terrible strain on him. The need for secrecy drove him to abandon his post. For once he forget the troubles of men to focus on his own.”

“What are you saying?”

“Anubis was not present at Dakrani’s Trial. He had gone to be with Shai’nefer. He allowed me to take his form to preside over the Trials while he was gone...but I have no knowledge of mortal lives. I can only read the scale.”

Ammut was silent for a moment. She grabbed a handful of the Ka Crystals and stared at them.

“Anubis still failed him.” Ammut snarled. “Go Slave! Bring me Anubis’s heart!”

Tears streamed from Rehema’s eyes as they began to glow. She slowly turned and left. Kafele, Rehema’s Beta and her beloved was waiting in the hall with the others. The all kept their heads down, unwilling to look at the tears in their Alpha’s eyes.

“Rehema,” Kafele said softly “I will do it. You should not have to be the one to bring down Lord Anubis.”

“No. It can be no one else. I am Alpha, this is my responsibility and I will shoulder it alone.”

“What will become of us when he is gone?” Kafele asked anxiously.

“I do not know, my love.”

Rehema buried her muzzle in Kafele’s shoulder and wept bitterly. He put his head over her neck and nuzzled behind her ear.

“Whatever happens, know that I love you.” Kafele whispered. “Not even the end of Egypt itself can change that.”

Rehema pulled away and smiled sadly. She looked at her pack one last time and headed down to where Anubis remained bound. He had finally been brought to his knees. Blood dripped from where the chains cut into his suspended wrists, but it was tears that damped the fur on his chest. He did not look up as Rehema approached.

“My Lord...” Rehema whimpered.

“Rehema, my’ve come for my heart?”

“I have.” Rehema whispered miserably.

“Ammut already broke it out when she killed feel no guilt in tearing it out, it no longer does me any good.”

“Forgive me! I did not wish to taste Shai’nefer’s blood!” Rehema wailed. “Ammut holds the Amulet, I can not disobey.”

“I do forgive you.”

“Please, there must be something that can break the Amulet’s spell. I can not bear to be your murderer.”

“Now that Horus is gone, there is a way,” Anubis paused “but I would never ask it of you.”

“Tell me! I will do anything to be able to serve you again!”

Anubis hesitated, knowing that Rehema mean her word. Rehema stepped closer and licked his muzzle affectionately.

“Please...” She begged.

Anubis took a deep breath and told her what it would take to become free. Rehema’s expression turned to one of horror. Even though tears split from her eyes, they had hardened into a steel look of resolve.

“It will be done, Lord Anubis.” Rehema growled. “I will not fail, I will return to free you.”

“You are the most loyal of creatures...I will find a way to reward you.”

“Your forgiveness was the only reward I ever needed.”


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HeruAnubisSolares Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So Ammut needs the hearts of the gods, does she?
*Phew*, thank the gods I don't have one!!!
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