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Chapter Three

Kirk sat back in his seat and stared up at the ceiling in his quarters.  Weighing his options didn't seem to help.  Eventually he simply got up and wandered off into the hallway.  Making his way through the ship he quickly came to his First Officer's quarters.  Kirk swiped his hand across the plate that would announce that he was standing outside.

“Come.”  Spock replied from inside.  

Kirk stepped into the room and glanced around at the odd mixture of Vulcan and African décor.  Spock was sitting at his desk with the fingertips of each hand gently touching one another, a sure sign that he had been deep in thought when Kirk had disturbed him.  Walking over to the desk Kirk sat on it casually, forgetting how much it irritated Spock to have his furniture used in a manner other than it was intended.  

“ did things go on Natala?”

“As well as could be expected.”

“Right...of course.”  Kirk paused for a moment.  “No problems?”

“None that need concern you.”

“I see.  Alright, Spock, since clearly I'm not going to get a direct answer without a direction question, here it goes: why did the High Council contact me to inform me that under no circumstances was I to assist in your further return to the planet and to break off orbit within the hour or something to that effect?  The wording was all polite and poetic, but it basically boiled down to them telling you: 'screw you and the horse you rode in on'.”

“Very poetic, Captain.”

“Seriously, Spock, what happened down there?”

“I was counted in the census, they made a request of me, I refused it.”

“Simple as that?”


“Is your refusal of them going to affect your ability to serve on this ship or imped her missions in any way?”

“No, Captain.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“I can not possibly know every situation and promise that the political enemies I have made today will never affect us,”  Spock replied  “however, the probability of such complications are so small that I believe my continued service upon the Enterprise is still warranted.”

“I'm sure of it.”  Kirk smiled.  “I only ask because we have been asked by Star Fleet to deliver you to Starbase 17 immediately.”

“Starbase 17?  For what purpose?”

“Criminal charges are being held against a Vulcan and before they contact the High Council about the situation they want your opinion on the matter.”

“I do not understand, I am not a lawyer.”

“Star Fleet would not give me many details over sub-space, but apparently there are unusual circumstances surrounding this case.”

“I see.”

“Honestly I don't think the Federation knows how to deal with Vulcan or Vulcans anymore.”

“They should deal with us the same way they always have.”

“It's not that simple, Spock.”  Kirk sighed.  

“Apparently not.”  

Kirk watched as his friend's eyes slightly lost their focus.  It was a common occurrence when he was working on some problem that gave even his Vulcan mind difficulties.  He had put his hands down, but now they rose again and formed a little cage to hold the thought in while he contemplated it.  Kirk knew that he if he didn't say something Spock would remained locked in thought forever.

“Something on your mind, Spock?”  


“Anything you'd care to share?”  Kirk clarified as he shook his head sadly.

“No, Captain.”

“Then you have no protests about heading to Starbase 17?”


“Very well, I'll have the course laid in right away.”

The trip back across the galaxy towards Starbase 17 was an uneventful one.  Upon arrival the Captain decided to stay at the base to allow the crew some much needed shore leave.  Kirk and McCoy made the decision to join Spock on his mission down to the detention center of Starbase 17.  McCoy stepped onto the base and looked around with disdain.

“Something wrong Bones?”

“I hate these places, all the galaxy coming and going in one place.  It breeds disease.”

“Care to go back on the ship and get a face mask?”  Kirk teased.

“It won't help.”  Bones huffed.  “Most virus can seep right through your skin.”

“I assure you all precautions to contain disease are made on Starbases, Doctor.”  Spock soothed.  

“Trust me, within twenty-four hours my Sick Bay will be packed.  I've seen it a dozen times.  And if the diseases don't get them the alcohol will.”

Kirk chuckled and playfully slapped Bones on the back.  Spock waited for them to end their banter and continued through the crowed Starbase.  As they arrived at the deeper levels the population dropped off.  Security down here was tight and there were several hoops to jump through before they were able to speak to the Chief Security Officer.  

“Gentlemen,”  the Security Officer greeted  “thank you so much for coming.  I am Lieutenant Stevens.”

“I'm Captain Kirk, this is my Fist Officer Spock, and Chief Medical Dr. McCoy.”

“Yes, yes, thank you all for coming.”

“Lieutenant,”  Spock said  “what are the nature of the charges held against the Vulcan?”

“I am afraid the charges are aggravated assault, and as of 1800 yesterday, murder.”

“Murder?”  Kirk repeated in surprise.

“Yes, one of the security guards he assaulted died.  The other six are in bad shape, but they are expected to recover.”

“Are you telling us that a Vulcan violently assaulted seven men?”  Bones asked.

“Yes, Doctor.  Two of them Star Fleet Officers.”

“That doesn't sound like Vulcan behavior.”  Kirk noted.

“No, it does not.”  Spock agreed.  “What were the circumstances of the assault?”

“There is a lot of confusion surround that.  He was found on a hanger deck, but it is unclear what he was doing there.”

“Could he had been attempting to steal a ship?”  Spock asked.

“That is a possibility.”  Stevens nodded.  “He had been on the base less than twelve hours when the attack happened.  However, the Officers involved say that he seemed more disoriented than anything else just before the incident occurred.  The guard that ended up dying had approached him to ask if he could help him, and he just lashed out at him.”

“His intentions could not have been to kill.”  Spock said firmly.

“Why not?”  Bones asked.

“If he had wanted to he could have easily killed the man instantly and most likely the other six as well.”

“What does he have to say for himself about the incident?”  Kirk asked.

“Nothing.  He has not spoken a single word.  One of the reasons we asked Star Fleet to allow Mr. Spock to visit was in hopes that he would speak to another Vulcan.”  

“I was not a logical choice for such a mission.”  Spock informed.  “However, I will attempt to speak with him.”

“That's all we can ask.  This way, Gentlemen.”

Stevens lead them down a series of locked corridors.  They came to a door guarded by two others and were allowed to pass through.  At the end of the hall was a doorway that glittered with a holding field.  In the small room beyond a young Vulcan male was sitting in the corner cross legged with his eyes closed.  

“He's been like that the whole time, hasn't eaten or slept.”  Stevens said.  

“Vulcans do not have the same biological needs as humans, he can go for weeks in this state.  He is deep in meditation.”

“Has he shown any violence since the initial attack?”  Kirk asked.

“Honestly, Captain, we've been afraid to go in there.”

“What is his name?”  Bones asked.



“You know him, Spock?”  McCoy asked.

“No.  I met his sister on Natala.  She informed me that he was six days over due to return.  When did these events happen?”

“Three days ago.”

“You contacted us as soon as the events had taken place?”

“Aye, Sir.”  Stevens nodded.

“So Darick was already several days over due to return to Natala when the attacks happened, and yet he was only on the base for twelve hours.”  Spock mused.

“Where was he during the rest of that time?”  Kirk asked.

“That may be an important question.”  Spock said.  “If you will lower the field I will attempt to speak to him.”

“Are you sure that's safe, Sir?”  Stevens asked.

“I will be safe.”  

“Aye, Sir.”

Stevens tapped a complicated code into the panel next to the doorway and the glitter of the shield became more intense before disappearing.  Spock walked into the room confidently and up to Darick who had yet to acknowledge him.  It wasn't until Spock knelt down in front of him that there was a response.

Darick snapped his eyes open and glared at Spock.  His face twisted into one of pure rage and he launched himself at Spock.  Kirk and Bones cried out in alarm, but Spock simply reached out griped down on the space between Darick's neck and shoulder.  Darick collapsed instantly.  

Looking down on the passed out Vulcan with curiosity Spock reached down and touched his fingertips to Darick's temple.  He stared forward for a moment as he inspected the other Vulcan's thoughts.  Satisfied Spock got back to his feet and stepped out of the containment cell.  Stevens instantly snapped the force field back on.  

“I have your answer for the attack: he is completely insane.”

Ch 4: [link]

Insane Vulcans are fun.

Now then, back to my other story for a chapter or two.
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