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August 31, 2007
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I have the strangest luck, I swear.

So my husband and I go out and when we get in the car he notices that he needs gas.  No big deal.  We go to the gas station, one that also has a car wash.  My husband decides that he car could use a quick wash and we have time.

So we drive into the car wash after punching in the code.  The door in front of us is already closed, and once we drive in the door behind us closes.  And then...


Nothing happens.  And nothing continues to happen for a few minutes.  My husband rocks the car back and forth a few times to try and either engage the machine or at the very least open one of the doors.


It’s been a good five minutes and now we’re starting to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning (you know, like running your car in a closed garage to commit suicide).  So my husband turns off the car.


It has now been a few more minutes, I decide that it’s safe to get out of the car to get out through the emergency exit.  I have to squeeze between the machine and the wall and I can barely make it (I’m not a heavy woman by any stretch of the imagination).  I reach the Emergency Exit (it’s labeled as so).

It’s locked...from the outside.

I can’t get out.  I can’t make the garage like door that has us stuck in there to open either.  Dejected I return to the car and we discuss our situation.  The gas attend has not noticed us.  It has now been ten minutes.

I call 411 and get the number to the gas station.  

“Hello.”  They answer after about seven rings.

Who answers the phone of a business with a mere ‘hello’?  I let it pass.

“Yeah, I’m stuck in your car wash.”


“The bloody car wash!  Look out your window.”

“Car wash?”

“This is the gas station on White Bear and Maryland?”  I ask.


“Then get out here and unlock the door.”

I can see the attendant pull the phone away from his head to hang up.

“You hang up on me and I’m calling 911 and they are going to be pissed when they find out your Emergency Exit is locked!”

The guy finally turns and looks out the window.  I wave at him sweetly.  He comes out there and can’t get the door open either.  If that car wash machine had caught on fire or started spilling smoke we would have been dead by now (actually we would have just driven through the door).

He has to call his manager, he does not have a the key.  

His manager tells him over the phone how to reset the car wash from the outside and finally we are free!  He asks us if we’d like to go through the wash again.

“Hell no!”
Why me?
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AbiPal Sep 1, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
That has to be the worst luck ever!! :rofl: Still funny, though.
Sigh...why me?
I think I would have called 911 anyway to report that the emergency exit was locked...that's really crappy...
I did call Animal Control on my neighbour's kids today. Sigh. Last night they found a black unnuetered male Pitbull!! As far as I know they have no plan to call Animal Control themselves. Today the dog was in my yard and when I went out to it, it growled at me. I'm really worried that at ANY minute that dog is going to bite one of those kids.
I know a lot of people who would give you crap right now because you called AC on a pit bull (apparently they're supposed to be heavenly little creatures if you raise them correctly), but if that dog was growling at you for being in your own yard, and not to mention the fact that it's still got all the plumbing, I think it doesn't need to be anywhere near children.

I mean, what kind of parent takes in a strange, unnuetered pit bull and just *trusts* the dog with kids?
These people are insane. I don't care what kind of dog it had been. Kids caring for an agressive unknown dog is just not right!
Maeix2 Sep 1, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
the same ones as the 'catproblem' I take it?
It's sad that he didn't pay attention until you threatened to call 911.. Yikes.
People should not be so careless! Stupid, stupid, people! If they would just stop to think about doing a good job and think about the people who are paying them money for service... but they are just too stupid to understand! *slaps him with emergency exit door* XD Maybe he didn't believe you?
I don't think he had any idea. I think he may have believed it was a prank.
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