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Egypt Burning III by Phoenix-Cry Egypt Burning III by Phoenix-Cry
Note from the Phoenix: There are also no hidden meanings, social commentraies, or deep morals to this tale. Much like a South Park DVD this is for entertainment purposes only.

Egypt Burning III

Anubis pulled once more at the heavy metal chains that restrained him. However the Amulet that gave him most of his strength had been stolen and he could not break free. Refusing to be brought to his knees the Lord of the Dead merely knelt.

If felt like months had passed since he’d first been imprisoned here alone. The sounds of footsteps told him that his tormentor was finally coming to gloat. He had been furiously trying to figure out who among his enemies would be powerful enough to restrain him.

Nothing could prepare him for the creature that came to stand before him. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was casually swinging the Eye of Horus pendant from her clawed hand he would not believe it.

The Eye of Horus had been a given to Anubis by Ra when he agreed to leave the surface world to rule over the Dead. It was that pendant that gave him the power to choose those who were to live and those who were to die. To help him with the collection of souls it also gave him power over the army of Jackals.

The Soul Eater Ammut smiled cruelly. She was not a True Child of Egypt, if anything she was a Slave to them. Created from the fiercest of Egypt’s creatures she had the face of a crocodile, the mane and upper body of a lion, and the legs of a great hippo. Something about her had changed however, she was no longer just a beast. She stood upright and despite her animal features she held all the curves of a Goddess.

“Ammut?” Anubis whispered. “What had happened to you?”

“I have been set free.” She gloated.

“Free?” Anubis growled. “I treated you as I would my own Daughter! Why have you turned on me?”

“Not just you, ‘Master’,” Ammut spat “but every Child of Egypt!”

Anubis’s green eyes widened in horror as Ammut held a handful of Ka Crystal necklaces before him. The captured souls of his brethren could not be Judged and sent to the Afterlife if he remained captive. At the death of a God they to had to pass the test of Mortals, their souls had to be lighter than a feather to be granted entrance to the Land of the Dead. Any who failed, Mortal or God, were fed to Ammut.

“I don’t understand.” Anubis admitted.

“There was a man...a mortal man.” Ammut explained. “He made great sacrifices in the name of your heartless brethren. He gave everything trying to protect Egypt from an enemy that his Gods couldn’t even be bothered with. His wife, his children, everyone he ever loved were slaughtered. Since the Gods refused to aid him he eventually lost his freedom, and then his life to this enemy.

Worst of all he died knowing that they were still coming to destroy all he fought for. The sorrow in his life was so great that when his heart was placed upon the scale it could not help but to Fail.

Without thought he was thrown to me. He wept on his knees before me, and apologized for failing the Gods. It was at that moment that I realized that it was the Gods who had failed him. He deserved a place in the Afterlife far more than any of the Children of Egypt.

However, at the time I could not disobey. I tore what was left of his soul apart and consumed it. It was in that moment that I became more than just a Beast. Not a single God among you spoke out for this man! And no one will speak out for you in return.”

“You have done this because of the soul of one Mortal!” Anubis cried.

“I have done this because I see now that the Gods do not deserve Egypt, and they must be Judged!” Ammut snarled. “Once I tear your heart out, I shall weight it against this feather to see if the Lord of the Dead truly belongs in the Afterlife.”

Ammut reached into her thick mane and pulled out a single feather. She tossed the feather at the feet of the tethered God. Tears split freely from Anubis’s emerald eyes at the sight of the red and black banded feather.


Ammut’s crocodile face split into a toothy grin. To add to her former Master’s misery she place the bright Ka Crystal of Shai’nefer around his neck. He roared in blind rage and fought harder against his chains. Blood to drip from his wrists, but he could not free himself even in his anger.

“Fear not, Lord of the Dead, you will soon share her fate. Once the rest of your Brothers and Sisters are slaughtered by your own Jackals.”

“If all of the Children of Egypt die there will be no place for you in this world or the next!” Anubis snarled. “You will be returned to the sand from which I created you!”

“I will gladly turn to dust before consuming another innocent Mortal soul.”


IV: [link]
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HeruAnubisSolares Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Poor mortal man...
I know what he felt...
I lost everything while serving my master;
my family, my homeworld, my wife...
even my life...
and here I am, cursed to live in the night for all eternity...
I would have joined Ammut immediately, If he/she ditn't enslaved my father...
FifteenMinutes Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2007
Nice artwork, you did a good job :)
I hope you'll check my gallery too hehe
Phoenix-Cry Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2007
Thanks! You've got a nice gallery!
Apophis906 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
oh very cool, you are just so talented.=D
Phoenix-Cry Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2007
Apophis906 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
=D yay
Maeix2 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
gnh...this is going tooo faaaast...shifts gear...ah, now that's better :XD:
Phoenix-Cry Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2007
Too fast? Sorry...just trying to get this puppy up so that I'll be forced into doing the last chapter before I can post anything else.
Maeix2 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
don't mind me, it's just a bit of a late hour for me that's all...
Phoenix-Cry Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2007
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