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Black Diamond Dogs and the Army of Light

Chapter Four

"Joanna?!  Joanna!"

Locked in a chaotic nightmare Salen cried out for his mate repeatedly.  He didn't know where she was or where he was, all that he knew was that she wasn't there and he needed her to be.  Running blindly through scattered images and abandoned streets Salen continued his frantic search.  

Finding himself in the empty portion of the new Vulcan city Salen ran along side one of the towering austere buildings.  Turning around the corner he smacked into a solid object hard enough to be knocked back to the ground.  He looked up and saw Razor towering over him.  Razor reached down and grabbed the front of Salen's shirt and hauled him up to his feet.  Before Salen could react Razor viciously backhanded him across the face.  

"Wake up."  Razor demanded in a deep growl.

"Wha...what?"  Salen asked confused.  

"Wake up."  Razor repeated as he brought his hand back to strike Salen again.  

Salen jolted awake with Razor still over him.  An overpowering terror seized his heart as he let out a strangled cry of panic and scrambled off the edge of the biobed.  He had been so long without emotion that the sudden flood was dizzying.  Falling to the floor he cried out again when Razor approached.  

"Easy, Salen."  Razor said in a comforting tone.  "Calm down.  Although I have to admit I'm relieved to see you reacting."

Salen looked up at the hand that Razor was offering him suspiciously.  Razor flashed him a bright smile, but it just made Salen more wary of him.  It wasn't until Salen caught sight of Joanna standing off to the side with a worried expression that he jumped to his feet.  Rushing to her Salen wrapped his arms around her and locked her in a deep kiss.  Once they were both breathless he rested his head against her neck.

"I am so sorry, forgive me."  Salen whispered.  

"Of course."  Joanna smiled as tears slipped from her eyes.  "I love you."

"I love you as well."  Salen breathed and held her tighter.  


Salen's blood ran cold at the sound of Sybok's voice.  He hadn't even noticed that the other Vulcan was even there. Sybok was gripping the edge of the biobed he was leaning on.  He was panting for breath as sweat beaded his skin.  

"Salen..."  Sybok panted again.  "I need you to at least try to help me contain your emotions."

"Wait..."  Salen turned to Joanna.  "You didn't find a cure?"

"No."  Joanna said sadly.  "You've been in a coma for the past three days while we've been taking you down off the Vuladin."

"I'm your new drug, Salen."  Sybok explained.  "I'm using my strength to keep you in check.  However you are a far more powerful telempath than I expected you to be at this point."

"Telempath?"  Razor asked.

"Someone with the ability to project feelings and emotions."  Sybok explained.  

"I don't understand, how has anything changed?  I'm still a threat.  Sybok can't shield everyone from me forever."

"No, but I won't have to.  I'm going to teach you to do control yourself."

"The Vulcans said I was too old to be trained."  Salen said.  

"They just feared training you, feared what you might become."

"Just what do you think I'll become?"

"A great leader."
Ch 4:

Sorry these chapter are so tiny, taking some time to get the flow going.
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scifi-karis Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
"A great leader" ... Whoop whoop! Awesome! :)
Phoenix-Cry Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
mylochka Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Small, but a gem! A relief to see Salen able to embrace his worried wife...
Phoenix-Cry Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Heehee. I needed Salen to have something good happen.
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