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Black Diamond Dogs and the Army of Light

Chapter Three

"This is insane."  Razor sighed as he walked down to the brig.  "How did Vulcans get to be so damn complicated?"

The Black Diamond didn't have many holding cells since they didn't usually take more than a couple of prisoners, and even those didn't tend to live long.  The forcefields were set so that Razor could see in, but the occupants couldn't see out.  Before he reached Sybok he was forced to walk past the small cell that was holding Gina captive.  

Razor hated the way his heart raced at the sight of her curled up on the hard shelf that acted as a bed.  Her dark skin was still marred with dirt and blood from the chaos that had happened back on North's planet.  Sleeping fitfully Gina wrapped her arms around herself as though cold.  Razor caught himself automatically looking around for a blanket, but of course there was nothing like that down here.  Razor reached up to put his access code into the panel to drop the forcefield, but he stopped himself.

"It's all a lie, Donavan."  Razor growled to himself.  "There is no reason to love this treacherous whore."

Although the cell was supposed to be sound proof it seemed as though Gina responded to his voice.  She jerked awake and looked up at the forcefield that would just look like a white static from her side.  Furrowing her delicate brow she got to her feet and walked up to the wall.  She reached out hesitantly and pressed her hand against the field.  It was not set to shock so she was able to keep her hand there.  Razor couldn't keep himself from staring into her dark eyes that were trying to peer through the screen.

"Sam?"  Gina asked hopefully.  "Sam, please...I...know it's pointless to apologize.  I wouldn't give me a second chance either, but I would rather pay for what I've done with my life ending at your hand than be sent to a prison colony to become some Warden's 'pet'.  Sam?  Are you there...please..."

Frozen in place Razor stared at Gina as she finally broke down into tears as she sank to the floor.  His hand was still hovering over the panel that would unlock the forcefield.  Razor wanted nothing more than to remove the barrier between them so that he could console her.  He resisted the urge, but Gina's plea reminded him that he had not yet decided what her fate was going to be.  Any man who had betrayed him like this would be dead already.  

"Salen first, Salen's fate more important."  Razor muttered to himself as he finally tore himself away from the forcefield.  

Coming to Sybok's cell Razor needed to take a few seconds to calm the rage that burned in his chest when he looked at the peaceful Vulcan.  Despite the rounded ears and human brow line Sybok still had the passive expression of his Vulcan kin.  Sitting cross legged on the shelf with his hands on his knees Sybok had his eyes closed in meditation.  Sybok suddenly opened his dark eyes.  Unlike Gina's sightless searching Sybok looked directly through the one way forcefield into Razor's eyes.

"Hello, Samuel."  Sybok greeted.  "Don't pretend you're not standing there, I can feel your anger and frustration washing over me.  Remember we shared a mind meld, we will always be part of one another.  Whether you like it or not."

Razor ground his teeth together, he hated that Sybok had been in his mind and the damage he'd done while he was in there.  He dropped the forcefield and Sybok looked up at him with a bright smile.  It took all of Razor's strength not to rush him and beat the smile off the Vulcan's face.  

"Easy there, Razor."  Sybok said seriously.  "I'm a philosopher, not a fighter."

"You know why I'm here."  Razor stated darkly.

"I can feel Salen's pain from here."  Sybok agreed sadly.  

"He doesn't 'feel' anything.  There is nothing left of the man I knew."

"Salen is still in there, it's the Vuladin that is suppressing the friend you miss, and I can't imagine it is doing his body any good either.  Salen needs to stop taking that drug immediately."

"What about his emotions?"

"I can use my strength to help him control them while I teach him to control himself."

"Why should you care?"  Razor asked seriously.  "The average Vulcan treats Salen like a disease."

"I would think by now you'd know the answer to that question: I'm not your average Vulcan...and neither is Salen."

"There's an understatement."  Razor huffed.

"You have no idea..."
Ch 4: coming soon

Should we trust Sybok? Probably not.
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