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Someone over at FFnet asked me what my thoughts were on 12 and season 8.  So I thought I'd share them here as well.  Not so much because I think you care what I think, but mostly to share so that you'll share your thoughts with me as well.

If it is one thing I love about Doctor Who fans is is the fact that no two ever seem to agree on the same points.  We all have things we love about the show, we all have things we hate about the show.  Each person seems to be able to watch it with their own tinted glasses on and see a completely different world and I love that.  Love Rose, hate Rose.  Adore River, think she is the worst character ever.  Amy is the best companion.  Are you insane? No one will ever be better than Romana.  Bah!  Clara is the only OTC (One True Companion)!  Eleven is my Doctor!  No, Four will forever be *The* Doctor!  I still cry when I think of Ten crying...

The arguments rage on and yet we are still one collective.  So here are my thoughts on 12 (spoiler alert: I love him).

I love Peter, I really do. I think he's very funny and I've loved his work for a while now (go watch Fortysomething right now!  Not Thirtysome! that's something totally different.  Need more reason to see Fortysomething?  Six words: Huge Laurie and young Benedict Cumberbatch).  I think Peter is a great choice for the Doctor legacy. I know it's juvenile but I loved the grace with which he gave the finger to Robin Hood...that was really funny and gave us a taste of a gruffer Doctor (I still want to hear him swear, I know, I know, juvenile).

However (ironically enough) I do feel like Smith did a better job with showing the Doctor's age. Smith was so good at every once in a while just appearing so weary, and giving off the air of a truly ancient creature, but at the same time mood swinging right back into a child-like excitement. I really liked that about his portrayal. I'm going to give Peter (I'm on a first name basis with 12 because I'm too lazy to make sure I know how to spell his last name) a little more time to show off his character though before I get too quick judge. I did adore in this week's episode how he paused after the peasant woman he saved gave his cheek a kiss (I wish they had developed her character a bit more to make that moment a little more special). And I like that his character struggle is more a good vs bad man rather than young vs old the way Smith was.

I'm very interested in the new obsession he has with his chalk board calculations which I can only assume is him working on the Gallifrey problem. I want to see more of that and I'd love to see him getting frustrated over it and for it to be a real challenge and not just "Hey! I figured it out, let's have an episode where we go save Gallifrey". I would not mind if that was a plot line that they string along for a few seasons (although it will probably be the Christmas special).

I'm interested in Pink, but I wish they had picked a different episode to introduce him. The Dalek idea was brilliant and they didn't spend enough time on it because of Pink.

I need them to STOP with the 'space ship crashes, ship disguise itself as something else, mechanical systems attempt to fix it, fix is going to destroy something/kill someone' plot line. We've seen it way too many times fact we've seen it twice this season already! Others include: The Lodger, The Girl in the Fireplace, The Curse of the Black Spot, Closing Time, The Fires of Pompeii...those are just the ones off the top of my head that have that plot 'twist'.

I'm liking Clara more now that she and the Doctor are no longer casually flirting with one another. Her and 11 slowly getting cozy with one another annoyed me...he was a married man. Giggle. I don't expect the same loyalty to River from 12 since that was his last regenerations decision and not his (much like 11 had no real connection to Rose and I was okay with that. "What you do in your own regeneration is none of my business." to quote 11). I don't know why that should get him off the hook in my mind, but it does. Not that I wouldn't LOVE to see 12 and River interact, I think that could be priceless.

So all in all I am still enjoying the show. Does it have flaws? Yes. Has it always had flaws? You bet.

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